What can I do if Gmail account not receives the email?

The Gmail is globally preferred and most popular free web mail service provider. No doubt it comes with plethora of features and services. User can simply send or receive the email through Gmail. But in certain cases we found that user sends the mail but at the same time they didn’t receive that mail. This happens with lots of users they didn’t know why this happen and what is its possible solution. Mail not receive in Gmail is common problem, sometime it happens due to manually and sometime due to technical problem.

If you want to get rid of this problem, just step by step go with the details which I describe below.

1) If you think that, yet not receive the mail, so first check in your junk folder. May be your mail is transfer over there.
2) Might be possible after sending your mail, meanwhile your browser stops working that’s why this happen. For Gmail, always prefer suitable web browser such as: internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, safari, Google chrome etc.
3) If you found that something trouble in internet, then get in touch with internet provider who easily solves your issue regarding Gmail and again you are capable to send or receive the messages.
4) If there is problem is recipients address then you might have to face this problem. Here, you can confirm with your recipients about his email address.
5) If Gmail found any suspicious activity in your email account then you have to face this issue. So, first delete all the suspicious items from your folder then you can perform the sending and receiving activity in your Gmail account.
6) You can also check your other tab, may be message are over there.
7) This mail receiving issue occurs, if you are not using the proper setting of incoming mails.
8) Sometime the problem is related to email server, in this situation immediately get in touch with email service provider so that they can easily resolve your all technical glitches and make you error free.

By following all the above steps prevents you from this error. But unfortunately if you are suffering from this problem then make a direct connection with Gmail technical experts for instant and quick solution. These experts are experienced in their field so that you can ask any question regarding to Gmail and get reliable solution.

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