How to remove problem can’t log in to your Hotmail account?

In many different web sites of the web site it originates as a transmitter’s site but users still have the capability to upgrade and work best with the needs of the copyrighted users. Even when there are many platforms that exist but Hotmail is always and will be a leader in posters. Hotmail is the most secure and secure website. He cares that has a sensitive time with issues with this annoying platform. If you have problems logging in to your Microsoft account, there are several different reasons so- just as you cannot remember your password, confirm two-step verification, or go or use a new device.

When you cannot log in to your Hotmail account

Here are some tips to help you get back into your account as soon as possible. First, try the simplest options:

  • If you remember your password but did not work, make sure that the lock is closed and your email address is correct.
  • Clear your search history, or try to log in to your account from different Internet browsers.

If these do not help you recover your account, try resetting your password or check if one of the following items applies to you and let them try it.

If you cannot remember the password, reset it

Follow the following steps to create something new:

  • Go to reset your website.
  • Select the reason you need your privacy password, and the click next.
  • Enter your email address, phone number or Skype ID that you used when you signed up your Hotmail account. This may be an email address or an email in a Hotmail domain such as
  • Enter the characters you see on the screen (this lets us know that it is not a link), and then click Next.
  • If you have security information on your account, we will send the same time number to the phone number on the alternate or the email address you give us. After you enter this code on the screen, you can make a new password.
  • Often changing the settings in your account may affect how you log in, and reset your password will not correct it. Check if one of the items below applies to you.

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