How do you stop unwanted emails in Hotmail?

Are you tired of getting a lot of spam? You need to be aware of the potential hacking of your account and the e-mail that can steal your important data. If you want an expert consultant or need to take a problem, do not worry in the right place. We will try to resolve all the issues related to the Hotmail account through the Hotmail support service. But below we tell you to keep your account safe by email spam.

With the issue of junk mail in their format mailbox, technical forums have been filled because Hotmail has been thrown from Hotmail to Outlook. Are you facing the same issue? If yes then there are some tips to reduce junk mail in your account. There may be an electronic message for junk mail marketing or unnecessary mail. They can be an attempt from hackers to control your account. Therefore, here are some guidelines outlined by Microsoft that will help you in your inbox to reduce junk mail and stay away from phishing scams. Let’s see:

1. Enter your Hotmail account and go to the gear icon.
2. From the menu that appears in the future, select Options
3. Now, tap Filers and report link in the current blank email.
4. Select the Standard to apply the filter and you can choose Exclusives only if you want to save it to the secure sender list.
5. Finally, click on Save.

There is a need for a customer service group in Hotmail when there is a problem with Hotmail and the problem you cannot solve. Hotmail support team has experienced technicians for many years to serve customers. Our executives are certified and qualified so that we can solve all the problems in a short space of time. For help from our team, make sure you have an appropriate internet connection.

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