How do I setting junk email option in Outlook?

The Microsoft outlook is an email application which is launched by Microsoft office and included with some amazing features such as: contact manager, task manager, calendar and many other incredible features which make the user task simple and easy.

You can also call it stand alone application because it can work with Microsoft exchange server and Microsoft share point server. The Microsoft added some unbelievable features in outlook such as:

  • It offers you faster email processing without taking too much time.
  • Through this you can easily get in touch with social sites such as: face book, twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • User can easily store their contacts in address book and can be managed in a smooth way.
  • The outlook offers you the feature of customized calendar because through this you can easily schedule your meetings, appointments etc.

The outlook has one new feature i.e. “spam filter” option, through this feature the outlook automatically sends the spam emails to a junk folder.

How to set junk email option in outlook?

  1. First click on home tab then click on junk icon. After that, here you have to select any of the following for quick junk filtering.
  • Block sender- this automatically put any of the email from sender’s address into your junk folder.
  • Never block sender- here the sender’s email address which is in the FROM field is never identified as junk email.
  • Never block sender’s domain- here the message from the same domain will not consider as a junk email.
  • Never block this group or mailing list- here you would add them (to, Cc, Bcc) to the safe recipients list to ensure that, this message is not filtered as junk mail.

2. After that select junk email option to configure the global filtering then select no automatic filtering option.

3. Once it done, select apply button which is located at lower right side and click on Ok button to return to outlook.

By this way you can easily set junk email option in outlook. But if you have any doubt regarding this process then quickly get in touch with technical experts for better support.

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