How do I fix the sync error with Gmail android app?

The sync error is most common problem which normally faced by Gmail users. But how do you know Gmail is sync or not? Make sure if Gmail is not automatically sync then you will found some of these issues.

  • You are not able to send the mail or might be possible your message will stuck when you want send any new mail.
  • You are no longer to open or read that particular email.
  • Sometime you will receive an error message like: “account is not synced”
  • May be your app is very slow that’s why this sync issue has occur.

This type of sync problem is not solving by the users so they search for best solution regarding this issue. If is it so, then quickly find here how to solve the sync error with Gmail android app.

1) Quickly check first you are connected with internet or not? If your internet connection is not perfectly working then definitely you have to face this problem. To overcome of this problem. Immediately contact to internet service provider and share these entire problems in front on him. Once they properly analyze your problem then they provide you reliable support.

2) If the above step is not enough and again problem has occur then do one thing, check your sync setting on your Gmail app. For this:

  • Open your Gmail app then go to menu icon which is located at top left side
  • Now click on setting option. After that, select the account you are not getting email for (if you have more than one account) otherwise simply select your account
  • Ensure that sync Gmail is checked or not.

3) Do the same settings check in your android device.

  • First close the Gmail app and go to your mobile device and open the setting
  • Under the section of personal you have to click on accounts option
  • Then click on more icon which is located at top right corner
  • Here you can simply check or uncheck auto sync data.

4) This sync issue is also occurring due to space problem. Make sure if user’s phone or tablet is running out of space then this sync problem has occur.

  • First uninstall those apps which you don’t use
  • If you download any music, games etc on Google play then quickly remove it.

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