How do I fix the slow outlook synchronization issue?

The outlook is and emailing program which is launched by the Microsoft office with some well advanced features and services for their users. This outlook is a part of Microsoft office suite which is very well uses for personal and professional uses. The Outlook stores the entire mail in a component called .PST and .OST. Through outlook account user can easily organize their email account and customize their messages.

User can also change their message look by changing their font, adding signature etc. The Outlook comes with plethora of storage capacity so that user can easily send and receive the mails without any technical issue. By the help of outlook, user can send any data and documents up to 20 MB this is the great feature of outlook account. But sometime users founds that if they sends any message to their close one, they didn’t receive the message on the same time. Initially they think that might be recipients didn’t pay attention on that mail, but this scenario is happen with all the recipients. The user receives those messages after sometime. This problem indicates there could be receiving issues that’s why user didn’t get the message on same time.

So, here are the requirements of to speed up the synchronization time for subscribed IMAP folders. For this:

  • First you have to go send/receive option. Then click on send/receive group and define send/receive
  • Then click on edit button which is located at on the right side of send/receive group
  • After that you have to uncheck the “get folder unread account for subscribed folder”
  • Then click on use the custom behavior below, under the section of received mail item.
  • Now select inbox in next window and leave all folder
  • After that click on OK and exit and immediately do send/receive to verify your outlook.

Sometime there is another issue which prevents to receive the messages i.e.

  • Before sending and receiving the mails check which browser you are using for your outlook account. The outlook is work best in internet explorer, Firefox, safari, Google chrome etc.
  • If you found some internet related issue, then immediately troubleshoot that problem, otherwise you have suffer more problem.

If this problem is not fixed, then surely contact to technical expert for better solution.


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