How to find out if my Outlook account has been hacked?

How to find out if my Outlook account has been hacked?

We use emails to make most of our business communications. Our email account contains many of our personal and professional information. Outlook trusts most users for e-mail communications. What to do if one day wakes up and you understand that your Outlook account has been compromised or compromised.

If you suspect your Outlook account has been hacked, find out the signs that your information is compromised. If there is no clear confirmation that it has been hacked, you should reset your password and scan your computer for viruses to ensure the security of your computer.

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It’s a sign that your Outlook is hacked if your contacts are receiving spam emails from your account. If you are informed of the fact that your account is sending emails you send, then take action to secure your account immediately. Another sign is that you have a virus on a computer that you use to access Outlook. Some virus collects information such as email passwords. If you have noticed that your emails are read before you read it, have been deleted without permission, or otherwise changing if you are not signed in, someone else can access your account. Hackers can change your password, so if you can not access your account, your password may be modified.

How can hackers get into my account?

There are various techniques that a hacker uses to access an Outlook account.

Malwares – If you are installing a program from the Internet from a non-trusted source, there is a chance that it contains malware that records your keystrokes and searches for passwords stored on your computer.
Connect through websites – If a hacker has accessed a website and steals your information, then you can check against other sites to see if you have used the password again.
Phishing – Hackers send text messages and emails to incite people to send details about their account information.

If your Outlook account has been infected and you cannot recover it from the above steps, you can get help from our email experts by calling the US Outlook technical support phone number.

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