How to delete Hotmail account completely?

An email configuration type has now become another common way to change the information. People prefer more than any other email. Keep in mind, Microsoft makes the world better by Hotmail them.

Hotmail is really an effective solution to changing / communicating online. It allows sending and receiving information through its translation process. In time, your account becomes puzzled – a few errors that make your account strong. In that moment, deletion is the only solution. If this is well-known, you are in the right place, as Hotmail sponsors will cover everything you want to remove it:

• Go to Hotmail website and sign in to your account using your email address and password.
• Right now, right side, click the gear icon and select the option from the drop-down list.
• After that, click the account details. This can be found in the domain section Managing Account.
• Here, select the Security Default tab from the domain to go to the optimized setup.
• Next, in the Manage Advanced security link, open the Home Page security.
• As you open the screen, you will have different options.
• Now scroll to the bottom of the page and then log in again to display it.
• You will receive the code in your phone, but you have not entered any contact number as Hotmail
• Will send it to the next email address.
• Add a code to the search.
• Repeat the password and confirm, if requested.
• After that, click the next button to continue, give all the 5 check boxes and tell Microsoft why you are using the drop-down box.
• Click Mark account for closing. To this end, when the domain, click the button below.

Hopefully when you follow that step, you will have no problem but will be able to erase your license. But if you are having problems or have questions about it, then contact us by clicking our 24/7 Hotmail customer service helpdesk number.

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