Contact Hotmail Support If Your Hotmail Is Not working?

Hotmail is launched by Microsoft, has a complete email address used for sending and receiving email on the Internet. It provides many features for users such as Xbox live, email service, and so on.

However, Hotmail offers many features but does not mean, it’s free of charge. While using Hotmail, you can find some technical topics with it. For these issues, Hotmail accounts do not work in the correct way.

To access your account if your Hotmail Not working, you need to recover your account

We compare some steps to get your Hotmail account. You need to view the following steps:

  • First of all, go to the Hotmail page.
  • Here you need to enter the id and email address of Hotmail.
  • If your account is not open then you can back up your Hotmail account.
  • To revive it, you must click the forgotten password button.
  • Now select an option to retrieve your account via email id or by phone number.
  • If you choose, you can retrieve your account with the help of email emails if you need to enter your email address and then open your email address and click on the link that Hotmail supports will send .You will be connected directly to the Hotmail page and then click on connection provided. Here you need to enter your password and then log in again to reboot.
  • If you choose, retrieve your account with the help of a phone number then enter your phone number added from your Hotmail account. You will have the registration number on this code, check the code and enter it in the field they are given. Now enter the password.
  • To confirm that you are the owner of this account, you must answer some security questions.

Why Hotmail is not working?

You need to clear the cache and browser cookies. You also need to enable JavaScript in your web browser; you need to disable popup blocking. There are several security programs that contain “ad blocking”. You need to get into running security programs, disable address blocking, or block the site.

Some of you may not find a solution to the solution discussed useful, it is necessary to join the technical team. We will identify technical experts with the appropriate solution to address all possible issues. Not only can the solution discussed here ask for more information to help you use your account.

The help that will be offered to you through a free number and is really useful, you can discuss how much you want and there is no need to worry about spending. It could be easy to get solutions and find the root cause of the problem. Time is not consumed or waste, you should only use the help line number. Professionals will be very supportive and will help you understand the cause with proper guidance to solve the issue.

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