How to check two steps verification in Hotmail app password?

If you continue to change your password frequently, it can help keep your system protected against all types of threats from the hacks’ hands. It’s always good to change your Hotmail password. But yes, you should also remember if you’ve forgotten the Hotmail password that you’ve changed recently, you can land yourself in trouble. And the only way to recover Hotmail password recovery is to follow the reset points using your phone or email. However, if you are good at keeping track of your username and password, you would often want to change your Hotmail password. Here we have come up with this blog, especially because the user knows the steps for changes to the Hotmail account password.

App password and two-step verification

After you turn on 2-Step Verification, some apps (like email programs on some phones) or devices (like an Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 8) will display an incorrect password error because they cannot prompt you to enter a security code when you try to log in. The solution to this issue is to create app words that will be used instead of your regular password, but only for those apps that do not support two-step verification. App password is long, randomly generated password that you only have to give once.

If you do not use two-step verification, you will not be able to create app password. For help with your Hotmail account password, see when you cannot log in to your Hotmail account.

The steps to generate a new app password are always the same. Repeat these steps to get a different password for each app or device that needs an app password:

  • Go to the Security page and log in to your Hotmail account.
  • Select multiple security options.
  • Under App Password, select create a new app password. A new app password is generated and displayed on the screen.
  • Enter this app password where you want to enter your regular password.

    The way you enter an app password may be slightly different depending on the app or device you are trying to sign in. The most common are listed here.

    To use the official Hotmail password help phone number, visit the Hotmail Customer Service website. Once you have visited the site, you will be able to use the official Hotmail phone number. And then you will be able to call and contact the experts available to you around the clock to fix common Hotmail issues.