Cannot send email in Outlook- How to solve it?

If you encounter a problem while trying to send email messages from Outlook MS 2013, the problem probably lies with the Outlook settings or the Internet connection. However, you never take into account the potential reason that you cannot send messages from Outlook until you have produced an account. To set up the email account in Outlook for free, you can call the Outlook customer service number and look for the solution. Alternatively, follow these solutions to repair the cause that prevents you from sending emails in Outlook.

Set up your account

Outlook displays an error message saying there is no data file to send / receive messages if you has not yet configured the email account. Click the “File” icon, choose the option “Account settings” to open the window, select the “New” option in the “Email” tab, and then enter the information necessary to configure the account. Now, Outlook will automatically access the server and send a test email to make sure everything is working correctly. Once you configure the account in Outlook, the shipping button will be visible under the “send / receive” section.

Account credentials and adjustments

Test the Outlook account settings to ensure that all information is accurate. Click the ‘File’ tab, followed by the ‘Email’ tab to see the list of accounts. If you want Outlook to configure the settings automatically for the account, click the “Repair” option. On the other hand, click on the “Change” option and verify the settings of the email server, such as username and password, which are correct for your account from which you are trying to send email messages. If you have a problem, contact Outlook’s technical support number and find help troubleshooting.

Internet connection

Outlook needs an active network connection to send the email. Go to the web browser and make sure you can access web sites. If you can open the site, it makes it easy to configure Outlook in offline mode. Click on the “Send / Receive” tab, followed by the “Work Offline” tab if there is a warning “X work offline” shown in the preview pane. For Outlook to work properly, the state should be indicated as “Connected.”

General problem resolution

If you have received the waiting time for the operation while waiting for the connection server, it could be a warning that your email has an attachment that is too large. Try sending an email without any attachment to make sure that the delivery problem affects all emails or just one. Antivirus programs and firewalls can also be delayed by sending emails that may cause the timeout error. If you are using Outlook to manage the accounts of Gmail or Yahoo Mail services, log in directly from the web interface.

If you still can not send emails using Outlook, you should call the Outlook customer support number to resolve all problems in a short time.

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