How can I get more space in Hotmail?

The Hotmail is one of the free email service providers which are offered by Microsoft. This was initially developed in the year 1996 but after one year in 1997 the Microsoft acquired the Hotmail. It includes some of the advanced features like:

  • This Hotmail is enabled with top level of security which protects you from any kind of phishing attacks.
  • Here user can easily access the free Microsoft office web app to view, edit and share the documents without creating any problem.
  • Through Hotmail user can easily send and view the images and attach large number of images in the mail.
  • It also offers filter feature which allow you to filter emails with social updates, contacts and from group easily.

The Hotmail make it possible to send up to 10 GB of data in a single mail. But what next if you hotmail inbox will full? Then how do you get the more storage space in hotmail? Here I share quick tips to get the more space in Hotmail.

  1. If your hotmail inbox is full then the only option is to use another hotmail account. For this purpose you have to again create a hotmail account then start sending and receiving the messages once again.
  2. But if you do not want to continue with new hotmail account and still continue with old account then go simply you have to delete your some of the emails in hotmail. If once you delete your all mails then again you will get the enough space for your mailing activity.
  3. Might be possible some of the users do not want to delete their old messages then the only option is to sort your emails by size. Here users can delete large messages which are not important for users.
  4. Until and unless the last option is to upgrade your account. Once you upgrade your hotmail account then you will get more enormous space for your mailing activity. First you have to login in your account through your email address and password then click on options and then hit the upgrade option. Here you will get the list of upgrade option. This upgrading means either you will go with MSN hotmail plus or MSN premium which offers you lots of extra space for your Hotmail account where you can easily perform your all activity without any issue.

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