How to add or remove inbox categories & tabs in Gmail account?

Gmail sorts all incoming mails and sends them into their relative categories of inbox. If the incoming mail belongs to social category, it will send it to social category. There are different categories available in Gmail inbox such as promotions, social, updates and forums. You can easily select category tabs and show all related mails in inbox. You can also add or remove these category tabs and can move mails to other category by using manual settings of inbox.

Steps to add or remove inbox category

To add or remove inbox category tab, you can follow these points.

  • Open your computer or PC by pressing switch on key.
  • Login in your Gmail
  • Click on Gear icon or Settings tab which are present on right side of gmail home page.
  • Select Settings tab and click on it.
  • Click on Inbox tab for change in settings.
  • Set Default in inbox type section.
  • You can also select other category to hide other emails type.
  • Check the box of tabs which you want to show after visiting in category section.
  • Note: – You can’t create a new tab in inbox category section. You have to select tabs only.
  • Scroll down the page and click on Save Change button to change all settings.

How to move mail from one category to another

Users can also move emails from one category to another. If you want to move a mail from social category to Promotion, you can follow the method.

  • Click on all mail tab, it will show all mails available in your Gmail account.
  • Hold or select mail by pressing mouse’s left button.
  • Drag the mouse pointer on destination category available on top of the mails body.
  • Release the mouse button.
  • Now, your mail moves another category successfully.

For mail Customer Support

Users who are still facing this problem can also consult with Gmail Support technicians. They will provide all reliable solutions related to Gmail query.

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